ECQ - Lille (France) - 31/03 -> 01/04 (nightly)

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Replied by gotcha on topic ECQ - Lille (France) - 31/03 -> 01/04 (nightly)

The tournament started at little bit before 10 pm and I did not have a good feeling bout it and my feelings turned to be out pretty accurate - )
round 1: pascal bertrand playing weenie thau/serp/dom in my back and a ahrimane wall in front of me. Basically there were 5 minions behind me, all bleeding for 1 and when blocked, they played flames ot netherworld. The best i did was getting my prey on a couple of pool and stay alive. 0,5 VP
round 2: ahrimane wall in front, hardestadt and lorrie behind me ... the ahrimane made an agreement to block a possible spirit marionette on hardestadt crosstable so I just went full forward ending up stealing the ahrimane with +1 bleed, no heidelberg on the table though. Hardestadt and lorrie kept coming forward although they were ranning low on pool and behind them was an impressive omaya goratrix carlton wall-deck with an army of rats and revolt on the table. After not believing me and rushing blanche with hardestadt, i played 3 rolling with the punches and got hardestadt on 0 blood - ) -> game over hardestadt. All indicated that goratrix would sweep but blanche and the kiss of ra in my hand did not agree with that plan. One round later only carlton was left, the army of rats and the revolts gone, as well as the last minutes of that round. 0,5 VP
round 3: shalmat in front of me and another salubri deck as predator resulting in blanche costing me 9 pool as first vampire and i had no matthias in my crypt who would have cost me 19 pool to influence - //
I knew that blocking shalmat was equal to getting 2 aggravated before range nad with 1 vampire on the table that was out of the question, so he was able to get all the stuff he wanted, because Dennis who was his prey didn't want to lose his ulugh beg either.
I had to wait till i had heidelberg, kiss of ra, pentex .... the salubri behind me did not manage to steal a vampire of me. Still no heidelberg, Dennis on 3 pool and no vampires left, shalmath on 12 pool, ponticulus, tyler, 3 weenies ready. I pentexed shalmat and bled what i could putting shalmat on 2 pool... not enough. Exit Dennis ... 0,5 VP
So another tournament of being an annoying but not good enough predator and a frustrating unkillable prey.
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