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Replied by peter_v on topic Playing games

here's my 2 cents

1. The pentex and subsequent revolt, revolution with weenie aus
You played the deck you brought, you played the cards as you drew them.
I'm surprised you haven't heard the pentex-whining before, it's about as common in this game as hearing "bleed 3". You should have seen/heard a dozen OP-discussions by now to know that pentex is borderline OP (like some other cards from the jihad era).
It might happen less in an EC environment, but cross table removing isn't weird, especially when you follow up by playing cards that hurt the entire table. The way you reacted to this pressure made it clear you were out of you comfort zone, you showed weakness and the table hit back with BS table talk and constant removal attempts. BTW: God, i love this game.
You tipped the balance at the table to far to early in the game. You tried to suck the life out of the table (which is what the deck does), but you weren't (mentally) prepared for the amount of life the table showed.
Just get to know the (solid archetype) deck better and especially how it affects the table/players.

2. Competitive play vs fun
Create a 'special night' for EC-veterans and i'll join with a game of malkav/malkavian prank deck.
Do you think your decks unworthy because they haven't been tested against all 4 typical examples of the 7 archetypes?
High level play is partially based on deck, but imho more by what's at stake and everyone's ability to estimate the table dynamic.
In an EC environment you'll treat that guy, that's considered in the worlds top 10, different than the guy that bought the last round in the outpost, even if they play roughly the same deck. In a high level game, a lot more outside factors combine while you (slowly) try maximize your advantage at that table (or sometimes the only thing you can do is minimize someone else's advantage). Deals are harder, decision have undergone a thorough weighing processes.
You'll look at that entrancement differently when a pumped-up-ossian is cross table at the EC. You wont steal it with the same grin as you would on those fun friday night games. But you're dessicion to steal is based on experience/judgment that was build on those friday nights.

3. Bramming
  • flirting with the boundaries of what is considered a comfortable state of table balance
  • table talk, it happens, best left at the table
I don't remember who started using this term, but it did fit the way you were trying (and succeeding) to pressure the table. It reminded us of similar evenings of unpleasantness.
As said in 1.: You played strong cards to put pressure on the table. The table hit back with BS and table talk.
No offense intended to you or Bram, you're both fine players and fun to have around (preferably cross table).

When you sit down for a game of vtes, you know there's only a 1 in 5 chance you'll win. Even lower when playing with a time limit.
You play the game because:
  • it's always a mental challenge
  • to test a theory
  • to improve your skills
  • but most of all to have fun, even while you're failing at the previous 3 motivations

BTW: can i lend that deck next time B)
BTW: a bit more than 2 cents
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