Why Paradox shouldn't re-release the same game....

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Why Paradox shouldn't re-release the same game.... was created by Raziehl

Hi everyone,

So my English is still very bad but i'll try to give you my opinion about the potential re-relaunch of V:TES in is actual state as the VEKN seems to want it

"The Methuselahs do not like changes, do not like to have invested and no longer return on their money ..... so they ask a company to pay for the re-release of the old game and hope that some new players will pay to enable the company to survive...

I have about 20000 cards which is very little compared to many of you (and I stopped at « Gehenna expension set») and I often look it with love because my friends are anglophobics and nobody owns cards around me, but I think that simply reprint the game in is actual state is not a good idea ... (would you ask Sony to bring out their fees cathode tube TV in order to find the missing pieces to the standby TV you're in love ? should Citroën 2CV stood for those who still can improve in their collection of car?)

1) Will you actually still buy booster V: TES, Ancient Haert, Dark Sovereign ... etc? (I guess all wish to see out HTTB, LON, KoT first :)) and how to manage fanmade extensions ?.

2) The rules in the state always ask to gather 5 players for hours for a decent game as it is difficult at this time except for fans :) but new players will have can not be this time (the most current games have shorter round times for tournaments).

3) CCG do not work that much (except unassailables war machines like MtG, Yo-Yo-Gy, Pokemon because they never stopped and especially evolved (not just Pokémon :)).

4) In the current economic situation (crisis and especially the plethora of continuous outgoing potentially interesting games) potential players can no longer invest heavily to catch up with funders players and will be soon discouraged by the distance to having to travel. LCG are the new economic model for new card games.

5) If you ask former players to stop using the cards of some sets during any reissue to reach the level of new (ex : use only V: TES and Ancient Heart at first) it would scream at scandal.

6) to increase the played games (and thus the experience of the players) requires different game modes, I do not speak a solo as the Lord of the Ring but a versus mode would offer other approaches and strategies (such as AGOT with its jousting and melee) .... more it allows the players to specialized for tournaments (some strong multi and other duel ...) and it also increases the potential number of tournaments.

7) A locations in major languages ​​would help relaunch the game (Spanish, French would already be fine Visage riant aux yeux souriants).

8) Nothing prevents them from selling the cards from the old version to the unit to allow the former to continue (and organize old school tournaments) and release a new game "Vampire: the Masquerade the card game" with a new format and new game modes / rules / cards / old cards arranged / sponsorship for new tournaments ... and especially the advertising and marketing to attract new ones.

I may be all wrong but that's my opinion as a former player who stopped by time pimp and players dreaming of seeing a return game in this unique universe, but more accessible and less time consuming.
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