Vtes in Belgium - let's go!

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Vtes in Belgium - let's go! was created by D-

Dear Belgian vtes-players,
The year is nearing its end, the final struggle for league points has started, and all archons are submitted.
Time for a little roundup and a look forward.

In 2013 we had
  • three tournaments (all minimum of 10 players!)
  • a first annual belgian vtes league :)
  • a great EC in Sweden
  • almost weekly games with very often enough attendance for more than one table
  • new cards! how awesome is that?
  • I a
dmit that there is room for improvement, but I will gladly point out that the current vtes activity comes mostly from the local players and less from foreign attendance at our tournaments.

For 2014, many exciting things are on the shelftables.
  • an EC less than 500 km away
  • To make this happen for us, I suggest that we attend as many qualifiers as we can. Six qualified belgian players should be doable (Emiliano, Bram and Lucien are already qualified). To qualify you need one of the following: win a sanctioned vekn-tournament, have a GW at a qualifier tournament, make it to the final of a national championship. And even in case you don't qualify I would still advise going to the EC. There will be large tournaments during 3 successive days, and not qualifying means that you can still play the LCQ (for a last chance) and the FCQ (to qualify for next year).
  • new cards!
  • A new set with an independent theme should be released in 2014. If you want to join playtesting, please contact Hugh Angseesing on the vekn.net-forum
  • tournaments
  • An ECQ is foreseen for april/march, national championship at the end of summer. If you want to organise a regular tournament: contact me for prize support.
  • a league
  • Yay! PLaying more == better league score

Embracing new players is not included on the list above because that is a continuous point of action. Vtes in its current state (and probably in its old stat neither) is not the kind of game that attracts new players by broadcasting and hoping that some peoplez will stick. If you know people who are interested, give a demo. If you need help demo-ing, shout here and you will be provided with demo-able decks.

So let's play and let's oust. Because 2014 is going to be an awesome 20th anniversary for this splendid game!

Best Regards and thanks for (not) ousting :)

p.s.: could the princes of belgium respond here if they are ok with me being national coordinator for another year?
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Replied by peter_v on topic Vtes in Belgium - let's go!

i think i can safely speak for all belgian players:
a very big Thank You Dennis

Personaly, i hope to see you as my prey more often ;)
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