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Forum update was created by Regnak


The forum has been updated to the latest version (Kunena + Joomla).

I took this opportunity to do something I should have done long ago : setup ranks.
I have created two new ranks : "Prince" and "National Coordinator".
If you want specific titles, please post here about it.
For example : "Prince of Brussels", "Prince of Ghent", "Prince of Antwerp", "Baron of Nivelles", "Archbishop of Jodoigne", ...
I think we can setup international titles too, if everyone agrees : "Prince of Paris", "Prince of Berlin", ...

Those custom titles, I would set them manually. So please, contact me here or in private messages, if you want anything changed.

Michel and me are also thinking about new features for our forum/website : a calendar for events, bringing back our old articles (rules, decks, archetypes, ...).

Thx and enjoy !

-Eris in peste patronus-
11 months 4 days ago #5905

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