New auctions up now...Ashur Tablets, Villeins +++

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New auctions up now...Ashur Tablets, Villeins +++ was created by Paven

Hi there! :) More than 300 auctions up now. After a small restock I can offer some really great cards, all starting at really low prices, when they are gone, they are gone ;) Cheers, John

Take a look here:

Among the auctions you will find these cards:

Aching Beauty x6
Acquired Ventrue Assets x3
Alamut x2
Anarch Troublemaker x3
Ancestor Spirit
Arcane Library
Archon Investigation x3
Art Museum
The Art of Pain x2
Ashur Tablets
Black Forest Base
Brothers Grimm
Brujah Debate x2
Carthage Remembered
Cave of Apples x2
Channel 10 x2
Chanjelin Ward x3
Club Illusion
Club Zombie
The Coven
Creepshow Casino
Dia de los Muertos
Direct Intervention x3
Dreams of the Sphinx x3
Eco Terrorists
The Eternals of Sirius x5
Foundation Exhibit x2
Giant’s Blood x2
Golconda: Inner Peace x3
Great Symposium
Grooming the Protégé x6
Hostile Takeover x4
The Hungry Coyote
Information Highway x5
Island of Yiaros
Jake Washington (Hunter)
Kumpania x2
Liquidation x4
Madness Network x4
Mapatano Utando
Mbare Market, Harare
Momentum’s Edge
Monster x2 NM
Palla Grande x3
Paris Opera House
The Parthenon x4
The Path of Lilith
Path of Evil Revelations
Pentex Subversion x2
Perfectionist x3
Piper x2
Powerbase: Luanda
Powerbase: Montreal
Powerbase: Zürich x2
Protected Resources x3
Ravnos Carnival x5
Redeem the Lost Soul x2
Seattle Committee x2
Shock Troops x3
The Slaughterhouse x6
Smiling Jack the Anarch x2
Sunset Strip, Hollywood
Tabriz Assembly x2
Temptation of Greater Power x2
Tension in the Ranks x2
Therbold Realty x2
Tomb of Ramses III x4
Toreador Grand Ball x4
Tower of London
Twilight Camp
Unacceptable Appearance x6
Using the Advantage x2
Villein x5
Visit from the Capuchin x2
Vessel x9
Warsaw Station
Wash x3
Watchtower: The Wolves Feed x3
Week of Nightmares x2
Weeping Stone
WMRH Talk Radio
Yoruba Shrine
Zillah’s Valley x4

The Bitter and Sweet Story
Break the Code
FBI Special Affairs Division
Narrow Minds
Recalled to the Founder
Rise of the Nephtali
The Slow Withering
The Uncoiling x2

419 Operation x9
Abbot x3
Anarch Secession x3
Aranthebes, The Immortal x2
Armor of Terra x2
Art Scam x6
Art’s Traumatic Essence x2
Baltimore Purge
Bamba x8
Black Hand Emissary x2
Black Metamorphosis x2
Blessing of the Name x3
The Call
Chameleon x3
Coagulated Entity x2
Condemn the Sins of the Father x3
Condemnation: Betrayed x2
Condemnation: Doomed x2
Condemnation: Mute x2
Creation Rites x4
Derange x3
The Embrace x9
Entrancement x3
Epiphany x2
Form of Corruption x4
Gather x2
Govern the Unaligned x8
Hourglass of the Mind x5
Intimidation x3
Judgment: Camarilla Segregation x2
Magic of the Smith
Mantle of the Bestial Majesty
Masochism x2
Mind Numb x3
Mind Rape
Muricia’s Call x2
Nightmare Curse x2
No Secrets From the Magaji x6
The Path of the Scorched Heart x2
Persistent Echo x2
Preternatural Strength x3
Psychic Veil x4
Retain the Quick Blood x2
Reunion of Kamut x9
Sense Death x6
Sensory Deprivation x5
Sheepdog x3
Soul of the Earth x3
Sudario Refraction x4
Temptation x6
Thin-Blooded Seer x5
Third Tradition: Progeny x4
Unburdening the Bestial Soul x3
Vulture’s Buffet x2
Well-Marked x2
Wise Spider

Alastor x2
Brinkmanship x2
The First Tradition: The Masquerade x2
Legacy of Pander x5
Meddling of Semsith x2
Might of the Camarilla x2
Parity Shift x6

AK-47 x3
Bowl of Convergence x2
Guarded Rubrics
Hand of Conrad x2
Heart of Nizchetus
Ivory Bow x2
Karavalanisha Vrana
Kduva’s Mask
Mokole Blood
Ruins of Ceoris x2
Soul Gem of Etrius x2
Talbot’s Chainsaw x2

Ananasi Vampirephile
Asanbonsam Ghoul x3
Bima x5
Brigitte/Felix/Leonardo Giovanni Ally x3
Carlton Van Wyk (Hunter) x2
Cry Wolf x5
Herald of Topheth x4
High Top x2
Informant x2
Mylan Horseed (Goblin) x2
Nephandus (Mage) x2
Reanimated Corpse x7
Renegade Garou x6
Repo Man x2
Shadow Court Satyr (Changeling)
Shambling Hordes x9
Tye Cooper
War Ghoul x6
Young Bloods

Crypt’s Sons
Dog Pack
Ilomba x2
J. S. Simmons & Tasha Morgan
Murder of Crows x4
Raptor x9
Shaman x2

Awe x6
Beast Meld
Daring the Dawn x7
Domain of Evernight x9
Echo of Harmonies x2
Freak Drive x9
Gift of Bellona
The Kiss of Ra x3
Mirror Walk x5
Mirror’s Visage x2
Perfect Clarity x4
Seraph’s Second
Shroud of Absence x2
Siren’s Lure
Strange Day
Tangle Atropos’ Hand x5
Will-o’-the-Wisp x3

Deflection x9
Delaying Tactics x4
Malkavian Rider Clause x2
My Enemy’s Enemy x4
Obedience x6
On the Qui Vive x9
Read the Winds x4
Rewind Time x5
Second Tradition: Domain x8
Sense the Savage Way x6
Undying Thirst x2

Aid from Bats x9
Armor of Caine’s Fury x4
Bloodform x4
Blood to Water x6
Body Flare
Breath of the Dragon x3
Carrion Crows x9
Cobra Fangs x2
Conquer the Beast x2
Decapitate x5
Disarm x5
Dust to Dust x4
Entombment x2
Illusions of the Kindred x5
Immortal Grapple x8
Magazine x3
Majesty x9
Martyr’s Resilience x3
Molotov Cocktail x9
Mythic Form
Pack Alpha x6
Pulled Fangs x6
Shadow Body x6
Shadow Step x4
Shotgun Ritual
Spiritual Intervention x7
Summon Spirit Beast x2
Target Vitals x4
Taste of Vitae x9
Telepathic Tracking x6
Terror Frenzy x5
Weighted Walking Stick x5

The Eldest are Kholo
Elemental Stoicism
Hall of Hades’ Court x3
Hide the Mind x3
Provision of the Silsila x3
Quicksilver Contemplation x6
Anarch Convert x4 Caitiff
Goratrix x4 Tremere Antitribu
Saulot, The Wanderer x4 Salubri
Blanche Hill x4 Salubri
Arika x5 Ventrue
Queen Anne x3 Ventrue
Victor Pelletier x4 Ventrue
Alexandra x3 Toreador
Anson x4 Toreador
Francois Villon x3 Toreador
Christopher Houghton x4 Toreador
Malgorzata x4 Tremere Antitribu
Sha-Ennu x4 Tzimisce
Antonio d’Erlette x5 Tremere Antitribu
Isabel Giovanni x2 Giovanni
Le Dinh Tho Nagaraja
Adonai x4 and friends x Salubri Antibribu
Nadima x4 Gangrel
Horrock x2 Gangrel
Karsh x4 Gangrel
Brunhilde x4 Gangrel
Beckett Gangrel
Danielle Diron x2 Gangrel
Bobby Lemon Gangrel
Lord Ashton Gangrel
Stanislava x3 Gangrel
Ingrid Rossler x4 Gangrel
Enkidu, The Noah x4 Gangrel Antitribu
Sebastian Goulet x4 Gangrel Antitribu
Aksinya Daclau x4 Gangrel Antitribu
Cock Robin x4 Nosferatu
Sundown Nosferatu
Howler x4 Ahrimanes
Maris Streck x4 Malkavian
Zöe x2 Malkavian
Gabrin x4 Ravnos
Khalil Ravana x3 Ravnos
Muricia x4 Ahrimanes
Tariq, The Silent x3 + Tariq, The Silent Adv. x3 Assamite
Constanza Vinti x3 Brujah
Dónal O’Connor x3 Brujah
Volker, The Puppet Prince x3 + Anvil x2 Brujah
Theo Bell x2 + Theo Bell Advanced Brujah
Jimmy Dunn x3 Pander
Carna, The Princess Witch x3
Jost Werner x5 Toreador Antitribu
Aabbt Kindred x8 Followers of Set
Hesha Ruhadze x3 Followers of Set
Krassimir x4 True Brujah
Nu, The Pillar x4 True Brujah
Synesios x4 True Brujah
Cybele x4 Baali
Ayo Igoli x4 Ishtarri
Nana Buruku x3 Guruhi
Massassi x4 Osebo
Dragos x3 Tzimisce
Little Tailor of Prague x3 Tzimisce
Meshenka x3 Tzimisce
Lambach x2 + Lambach Advanced x2 Tzimisce
Owain Evans, The Wanderer x4 Ventrue Antitribu
Blackhorse Tanner x4 Ventrue Antitribu
Angelo x3 Blood Brothers
Genina, The Red Poet x3 Samedi
Dan Murdock Caitiff
Mariana Gilbert Toreador
Baron Dieudonne Nosferatu
Dmitra Ilyanova Brujah
Lutz von Hohenzollern x2 Malkavian
Unmada Malkavian
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Replied by Paven on topic New auctions up now...Ashur Tablets, Villeins +++

Only three days left, ending this Saturday! :)
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Replied by Paven on topic New auctions up now...Ashur Tablets, Villeins +++

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