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7 years 2 months ago #1073 by squirrel
Bram and I held this discussion a few times already and we always talk next to eachother on this subject.

My point of view is this:
"I don't LIKE playing with proxies. Certainly when it's the case where I don't own the card. If the reason is because I nhave it in too many decks, I can live with it. Playing a proxy because I don't own the card, makes me feel uncomfortable because I shouldn't normally be able to play said card."

Bram's point of view (I think):
It doesn't really matter. During our gaming sessions, we play for fun and to test decks anyway. If you would want to play certain cards for a tournament, you could always borrow them.

I AGREE with Bram. But that's not my point. The point isn't that I CAN proxy cards. The point is that I don't really WANT to do so. Unfortunately, getting hold of some of the rarer staples is really difficult (tupdogs, enkil cog, monastery of shadows, ashur tablets, dreams of the sphinx, the unmasking ...) I am keeping an eye out for those cards when time permits me, yet it is hard to find them and if I buy them individually, they are really expensive. I do hope to be able to buy a collection containing a lot of these cards (like the collection I bought with Dennis and Mill) in the future.

Bottom line is: you will still see me proxying cards and I might ask a few people to lend me a couple of cards that I'm still missing for tournaments. Please remember that I'm still a rookie. Is tarted playing in februari or something (less than a yaer ago) and I still don't that much cards.

People did ask me to print proxies from then net. That being said: where can I find pictures of cards in the right size to be able to print them as proxies? I know ARDB has them, but I'm not able to instal programs at work (and I don't have a printer at home). I tried the card-browser here, but there is no search function, meaning I have to scroll between 140 pages (for the crypt only) to find the card I'm looking for.

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7 years 2 months ago #1074 by gotcha

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7 years 2 months ago #1076 by D-
Replied by D- on topic on the subject of proxies
There is an html-file in one of the ARDB directories where you can print pdf-files at the right size of the actual cards.

And none of the cards (except Dreams) you mentioned is really a 'staple'.

I don't mind playing proxies, mostly because I lack the motivation of continuously disassemble decks to be able to play new ones. When I want to play a deck for which I don't own the cards, I usually play it with proxies first (e.g. Lucita Turbo).

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