!Brujah vote/bleed/bloat with Armin as leader.

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This is the third iteration of my !Brujah deck with DM cards.
The first version relied on breeding and bloating with con boon. While good at staying alive, it was hard to oust with it. It also had 0 combat threat. Although the breeding angle offered interesting choices (which master: discipline to use and the according action cards) the embraces and creations were never good enough at those actions.
That brought me to a second version with PRE bleed cards instead of breeding. This was discarded very soon, as it required too much reckless bleeding to be efficient.
And here is the final verion: Heart of the City, Heroic Might and/or Preternatural Strength.
Look dangerous in the beginning (remember: you're !Brujah) untill you have HM/PS. Then you no longer need to bluff :)
Public Vilification is brilliant because players save their Delaying Tactics for the pool damaging vote.

How do you intend to oust?
Damaging votes and bleeding. The key is to time the bleeds right and spend the stealth wisely.
How do you intend to keep from being ousted?
Bloat with villein, regain blood with voter cap and public vilification.
Lost in Translation
Block with Abbot & Under Siege, intercept for Strength 3 + Slam :)
What do you want your ready region to look like (ie, how many guys are you planning on getting out)?
Armin + 2 other titles
What do you want your average turn to look like?
Do stuff at stealth when your prrey/predator stays untapped. Bleed cautiously
What's your metagame like? How do your opponents play?
I don't play enough to have a metagame :(
What problems have you observed with the deck in play?
Myself, the hands and head that plays the cards.

Deck Name: !brujah w permanents
with permanents

Crypt (Capacity min=8 max=10 avg=9.17; 12 cards)

3x Armin Brenner 10 ani obf CEL FOR POT PRE !Brujah:4
2x Dark Selina 9 dom for CEL POT PRE !Brujah:5
3x Dmitra Ilyanova 9 obf CEL FOR POT PRE Brujah:5
3x Hektor 9 for CEL POT PRE QUI !Brujah:4
1x Klaus Konrecht 8 for pot AUS CEL PRE !Toreador:4

Library (90 cards)

Master (20 cards)
1x Anarch Troublemaker
1x Archon Investigation
1x Black Forest Base
1x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Golconda: Inner Peace
1x Information Highway
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
1x Perfectionist
2x Sudden Reversal
4x Villein
6x Zillah's Valley

Event (1 cards)
1x Scourge of the Enochians

Action (11 cards)
1x Abbot
2x Entrancement
2x Heart of the City
2x Heroic Might
1x Preternatural Strength
3x Under Siege

Political Action (13 cards)
3x Banishment
3x Kine Resources Contested
2x Neonate Breach
5x Public Vilification

Action Modifier (22 cards)
1x Change of Target
1x Daring the Dawn
5x Forced March
5x Freak Drive
5x Iron Glare
5x Voter Captivation

Reaction (10 cards)
4x Lost in Translation
6x On the Qui Vive

Combat (8 cards)
5x Majesty
3x Slam

Combo (5 cards)
5x Resist Earth's Grasp
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