24-25/02/2018: GRAND PRIX Brussels, Belgium

3 years 2 months ago - 3 years 2 months ago #5456 by borrelstein
How are the preparations going?

I will definitely try to be there and bring as many Dutchies to Brussels as possible, just let me know where to send them!
You can probably also negotiate some event discount with a hotel near the venue?

If you need some manpower, we can also arrange a little crew to help you guys out with the event, just as long as we still get to play ;)
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3 years 1 month ago #5457 by 2wayspeaker
I have found a great location.

Jeugherberg "de zandpoort" in Mechelen

People will be arriving by plane in Brussels Airport Zaventem or by train in Brussel-Midi. Both of these connect easily to Mechelen.

The location itself is big and open. It provides convention rooms with acces to food, drink and accomodations.

Location specifics:
5 x 2 Person room ~ €29 per bed
3 x 3 Person room
19 x 4 Person room ~ €26 per bed
3 x 5 Person room
Each room has its own shower, toilet & lavatory. Wifi is free and breakfast is included.

The room has 2 convention areas, a restaurant, a bar.

We would be able to use the convention areas from 8.30am to 23.00pm. People can get food and snacks at the bar during the event.

Mechelen is a prettier city to visit than Brussels. We are close to the toy museum and Technopolis. If they do wanna visit Brussels (atomium, manneke pis,...) they can do so by train. A train ride to the capital city center takes 26 minutes and will cost €4,60.

The convention center is indeed some extra cost, but its good value. If we go as a group we can also get the rooms at a better rate. This may require some extra organising.

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3 years 1 month ago #5458 by 2wayspeaker

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3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #5459 by 2wayspeaker
Gebruik polyvalente zalen

Groepen die minimum in halfpension verblijven kunnen gratis gebruik maken van 1 polyvalente zaal.
Grote groepen kunnen op aanvraag ook de eetzaal gebruiken.
Contacteer de hostel voor praktische afspraken.

Halfpension voor een groep van 35 personen kost €35,30 per persoon
Volpension voor een groep van 35 personen kost €42,80 per persoon

VTES European Grand Prix - BELGIUM
Dear methuselahs, welcome to Belgium.
The Grand Prix spans Saturday 24/02/2018 & Sunday 25/02/2018 and is hosted in Mechelen, 12 minutes away from Brussels Airport
Accomodation (fridaynight+saturdaynight), Meals and Tournament fee is included in your ticket. A ticket costs €110 (90 voor 2 nachten kamer volpension en 20 voor prize support?)

If you arrive only for the Sunday GP you can get your ticket for €60 (45 voor kamer volpension en 15 voor prize support?)

You can sleep at a different location, but if you do we cannot guarantee your meals, we are still discussing this with the hostel, notify me if this is the case.

The door price for both tournaments is €15

(prijzen zo tariferen dat de geplande optie de voordeligste optie is)
Event location
Jeugdherberg "De Zandpoort"
Zandpoortvest 70
B-2800 Mechelen
Event Planning

Friday 23 february 2018

Arrival by plane. €65
Train from airport to Mechelen €8,40
The location is 950m away from the trainstation.
  • Hostel Check-in from 17h to 22h. €110
  • Preregistration for the weekend events (included)
  • Casual games
  • City trip Mechelen 19h30 (included) You can already take a virtual tour of the city to preview www.poppr.be/virtualtour/mechelen360
  • Dinner (included)
  • Accomodation Friday -> Saturday (included)

Zaterdag 24/02/2018
  • 7h30 -> 11h Breakfast (included)
  • 11u Registration of late arrivals. €85 (45 overnachting + 15 Zaterdag + 15 Zondag + 10 lunch zaterdagmiddag
  • 11u30 -> 13u30 First Round (included)
  • Lunch (included)
  • 14u30 -> 16u30 Second Round
  • 17u -> 19u Third Round
  • Dinner (Included)
  • 20u30 -> 22u30 Finale
  • City Trip Brussels 19h30 (included) (Dit is voor de mensen die al uitgeschakeld waren en dus ook vroeger kunnen eten. Gesponsord door de 2,20 extra per nacht per persoon)
  • Accomodation Saturday -> Sunday (included)

Zondag 25/02/2018
  • 7h30 -> 9h Breakfast (included)
  • 9u Registration of late arrivals. €60
  • 9u30 -> 11u30 First Round (included)
  • Lunch (included)
  • 12u30 -> 14u30 Second Round
  • 15u -> 17u Third Round
  • Evening break, meal not included
  • 18u30 -> 20u30 Finale
  • Accomodation Sunday -> Monday with only breakfast €26
Train from Mechelen to Brussels Airport €8,40
Departure by plane. €65

If, despite all the catering, you are still hungry and thirsty you can get extra snacks and drinks at the bar during the tournament. These are not included.

Est. Event cost as planned, arrival on friday, departure sunday => €257

Est. Event cost Saturday arrival, departure sunday => €242

Est. Event cost Sunday GP => €207

Est. Event cost, participation in both tournaments with accomodation elsewhere, food & drink not included in estimate => €400
(average accomodation price for room+breakfast in the area €87 per person per night)
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3 years 1 month ago #5460 by squirrel
Jonathan, this looks great! I'm awaiting some feedback from Emiliano. If he's okay, you can confirm the Hostel and we'll work on our announcement.

and though We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
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3 years 1 month ago #5462 by emime
Amazing job, Jonathan! It looks great and will be nice to do something different. Ant looks like you already thought of everything!

My only minor concern is that the upfront cost will look a bit high (even if it is not - given the room and food are included!), so we will have to be careful to explain well and avoid any negative psychological impact ;)

Emiliano "Sans Terre" - Wandering Player - Prince of Brussels

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