New auctions in Midnight Sun V:TES Store!

3 years 6 months ago #5328 by Paven
Hi! :)

New auctions up in Midnight Sun V:TES Store. Cards listed in multiple lots! A 100% complete set of every Anthology 48x Vampires, complete sets of all the other cards from the Anthology in multiples like 3x and 4x as they appeared in the limited Anthology deck, Eyes of Argus, Summon History, Ashur Tablets and Enkil Cog, Monastery of Shadows, Unleash Hell’s Fury and more.

You will find them here:

I have restocked a lot of cards in Midnight Sun V:TES Store this weekend and more will be listed in the coming weeks.

I combine shipping on all orders, either if it is auctions, Buy It Now or a combination of both.

If there is anything you need or you have any questions, please send me a message.

John from Midnight Sun V:TES Store

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