completing my crypt collection

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I just finished sorting through all my crypt cards. I compiled a list of what I am still looking for to complete my collection. Let me know if there is anything you could trade and what you are looking for.

I'm still a long way from sorting through all my library cards. But that might take me a year. I guess I'll start with masters and then maybe political actions, since those are already partially sorted through.

Name Clan Wants
Sahana Ahrimane 1
Kamiri wa Itherero [Adv] Akunanse 1
Ur-Shulgi, The Shepherd Assamite 2
Yazid Tamari [Adv] Assamite 3
Alu Assamite 3
Hermana Hambrienta Menor Blood Brother 3
Menele [Adv] Brujah 2
Karen Suadela Brujah 1
Axel Von Anders Brujah Antitribu 1
Lord Aaron Wesley Wilkshire Brujah Antitribu 1
Dan Murdock Caitiff 3
Reverend Adams Caitiff 4
Yseult Daughter of Cacophony 3
Evil Jensen Daughter of Cacophony 1
Sutekh, The Dark God Follower of Set 2
Halim Bey Follower of Set 1
Sisocharis Follower of Set 1
Antonino Gangrel 1
Karsh [Adv] Gangrel 3
Gunnar Gangrel 2
Chaundice Gargoyle 1
Isabel Giovanni Giovanni 1
Augustus Giovanni Giovanni 4
Nicomedes Harbinger of Skulls 1
Abu Nuwasi Ishtarri 2
Quincy, The Trapper Kiasyd 2
Jackie Malkavian antitribu 2
Asguresh Nagaraja 2
Veejay Vinod Nagaraja 1
Josef von Bauren Nosferatu 1
March Halcyon Pander 1
Khalil Ravana Ravnos 3
Vasiliy Vasilevich Ravnos 1
Phaedyme Ravnos 1
Nahum Enosh Salubri 1
Vidal Jarbeaux Toreador 1
Jonathan Gursel Toreador antitribu 1
Redbone McCray Toreador antitribu 2
William Thorbecke Tremere 1
Keith Moody Tremere antitribu 2
Al-Muntaquim, The Avenger True Brujah 1
Nehemiah True Brujah 1
Droescher One-Eye Tzimisce 2
Duality Tzimisce 1
Count Vladimir Rustovitch Tzimisce 1
Terrifisto Tzimisce 1
Louis de Maisonneuve Ventrue antitribu 1

and though We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.
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