Question Important poll about the future of the game.

Important poll about the future of the game.

There is an important article on the home page of the website :

We invite everyone to go and express themselves through the poll. Don't hesitate to translate and share the link on your local forum, facebook page, etc.

How do you want V:TES to be continued?

The future is in motion.

VEKN and Paradox had a very constructive Skype meeting a few days ago and they asked us what should be done with VTES. So, in turn, we ask YOU, players, what would you like your game to become.

Please fill in the following survey by rating each choice from 1 (least prefered) to 7 (most prefered) and spread the news around you so the most players can express their opinion. Only registred users can vote. Try to distribute your votes by order of preferences (do not give a 7-mark to all options!) You may choose not to vote at all for options that don't interest you.

If you have any technical problem with the poll or the registration, you can mail the details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

-- The VEKN

Prince of Paris

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