Question zombie ghoul wolf

zombie ghoul wolf

Deck Name: zombie ghoul wolf
Author: Jeroen van Oort
Tournament result: 0vp, 0.5 vp, 1,5vp. It needs tweaking to increase cardflow without becoming boring Warghoul piper. Also it is quite vunerable to powerbleed.

Option 1. Become anarch to be able to get a cry wolf. Next round crywolf rushes, then should be burned to become a war ghoul
Option 2: become anarch play piper for a crywolf who can rush the same turn. Other tjimitze has to get a warghoul if the wolf is still alive.
Option 3: get jake recruit warghoul.
Option 4: if warghoul gets burned, get it back for free with pressing flesh. It can rush the same turn.
option 5: get burned cry wolf back with pressing flesh and rush imidiately, then recruit warghoul.

Gear up opens up lots of flexibility for a missing card. funeral wake can untap a zombified ally. Either keeping wolf in play another turn or have a warghoul intapped. ** single copy of funeral wake was removed before the toernament**

Putrescent Servitude can allow you steal a warghoul at superior.

Jake washington should provide the bloodgain. Villein and vessel the poolgain.

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=1 max=7 avg=3.83)
1x Abebe 4 nec obf thn Samedi:4
1x Ana Rita Montaña 5 aus dom obf VIC Tzimisce:3
4x Anarch Convert 1 Caitiff:ANY
3x Guedado 4 aus obf vic Tzimisce:4
3x Tanginé 7 ani nec pot OBF THN Samedi:4

Library (69 cards)
Master (16)
1x Direct Intervention
1x Fame
5x Jake Washington (Hunter)
5x Piper
2x Vessel
2x Villein

Event (3)
1x Dragonbound
2x Unmasking, The

Action (12)
5x Gear Up
5x Pressing Flesh
2x Putrescent Servitude

Ally (13)
1x Carlton Van Wyk (Hunter)
5x Cry Wolf
1x Vagabond Mystic
6x War Ghoul

Retainer (3)
1x J. S. Simmons, Esq.
1x Mr. Winthrop
1x Tasha Morgan

Action Modifier (13)
1x Cloak the Gathering
1x Domain of Evernight
1x Faceless Night
1x Forgotten Labyrinth
1x Lost in Crowds
5x Smoke and Mirrors
1x Spying Mission
2x Veil the Legions

Reaction (7)
2x Delaying Tactics
5x On the Qui Vive

Combat (1)
1x Trap

Combo (1)
1x Swallowed by the Night

Created with Secret Library v0.9.4c. (Jul 9, 2015 13:07:44)

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Re: zombie ghoul wolf

Thumbs up; Tx for posting

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