Idea Easy builds for new players

Easy builds for new players

Our starter deck tournament passed, it was fun and happened with actual good decks. Those decks include a lot of staples and finally open up possibilities for new players to actually build decks using only the cards they could buy at their local store.

I was reminded how at Berlin a lot of roleplayers where disappointed that they could not use their cards. There was no way to build a deck with it.

The challenge:

Use Black Chantry cards to build a deck.

I think you can build a Harbinger deck with
1× anthology (Carlton, enkil, heart, eyes, liquidation, target vitals, unmasking)
2× Lost Kindred (emerald legionaire and a partial crypt)
1× Starter Tzimisce - Den of Fiends (Master and Reaction module)
1× HTTB 1 (rest of crypt + Some 1 per deck tech cards)

So this is already ~€106 MSRP and is still missing a some cards (only a single liquidation and unmasking) but cards that could conceivably be traded for.

Argh never mind, I just realized there is no Breath of Thanatos in any of those (+2 stealth to get your first emerald legionaire)

What are your deck ideas?
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Re: Easy builds for new players

i build an antonio toreador anti deck; basically spawning nephandi with antonio (regular way and special) and doing art scams like 12 & 12
but i play ashur - ) so u need some anthology sets. And buy like 12 change of target on ebay - )))

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